News Flash -- 2015 Event Announced

Written by Adam Brilz ( Feb 18, 2015

Canada Remembers Air Show Returns for 2015

The volunteer director of the Canada Remembers Our Heroes 'Tribute to Veterans' Air Show says this year's show could be the last.

Last year, scheduling conflicts forced a cancellation of the air show that honours veterans with two days of performances, and a picnic was organized. The air show will return over Auto Clearing Motor Speedway July 11th and 12th with appearances by the Snowbirds, Canadian Armed Forces SkyHawks Parachute Team, and the CF-18 Hornets.

However, volunteer director Brian Swidrovich says property development has been strong in Saskatoon recently, but that could cause the air show to cease. One such property was purchased by a private owner near the showbox across from the venue, and development may happen soon on the private land.

The event will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and the 45th anniversary of the Snowbirds. It's also the 20th anniversary of the air show itself, which has been internationally recognized. In December, the International Council of Air Shows presented the air show a Gold Pinnacle Award for work done to recognize military veterans.

Korean War veteran Jim McKinny says it's a chance for veterans to get together, some of which you don't see all year, and the parade is also a popular event for veterans.

Organizers also hope to bring a 9/11 tribute to Saskatoon for the event.

Swidrovich says he's not looking ahead to 2016 at the moment. He says their main focus is to organize 2015 before planning a potential future show.